The Smitten Kitchen has done it again.. right here.  This is a truly fantastic blog and the link at ‘here‘ will lead you to a lady-led blog featuring tutorials about so many fantastic techniques.  I am especially excited about the posting of Peter Reinhart’s bagel recipe.  Although I feel quite sure that Mr. Reinhart would create this recipe in weights rather than volumetric measurements, I’m definitely giving it a try on my next two days off anyway.  This is apparently a two-day process, but it’s totally worth it for homemade bagels.  You heard me right!  Not lenders… HOME-made bagles. 🙂

Deb, at Smitten Kitchen, you are amazing!  Great blog!  (And, nice work getting into the Martha circle; for some of us, Martha is a goddess, but the rest don’t matter, do they?)

On a separate but equally important note, I found this blog today featuring food pictures, self-titled as a “visual food magazine”, but what struck me most was that the post I found topic-centric of beautiful rotten  fruits and vegetables.  See posting: Une Jolie-laide.  I once read a quote from Thomas Keller in a Michael Ruhlman book, which I shall try to recall without totally butchering the idea, that the loss of even one piece of product is truly a large loss in LIFE.  Consider the idea of throwing away a good portion of risotto… Life lost?  You have just murdered hundreds of rice grains, probably chickens because you likely used chicken stock, you killed mushrooms that forest foragers would have depended on and the herbs, of course, gave their life to flavor your garbage.  Wasting the life of another living organism is simply careless and shows a disregard for the energy and effort it too for that plant or animal or grow and become next weeks trash.  Don’t be a murderer.  Think hard about what you throw away… perhaps that extra onion would be perfect in an omlet or could be frozen for next month’s chicken stock. We, as Americans, take our food supply for granted and fail to see the big picture of how much it took for that fancy Italian risotto rice to arrive at your local supermart.  Check out these stunning photos for a departure from the usual food scene.

Live, love and respect your food.  Now, THAT’S good eats.

Last, but most definitely not the least by any means:  my foodie soul mate Elena will be joining us (mostly just me… rambling into the interwebs) at wordpress.  Let’s all show her a HUGE round of applause for joining the blogosphere.  Wooooo!  This girl has more passion for food than French royals.  Seriously, though, she’s pretty serious.  Big pork-fat-lipglossed kisses to Elena from the whopping and seriously undermaintained Rachaelonia!!