I never thought I’d  live to see the day I would be awarded any kind of educational prize, but yesterday I was informed that I will be given a scholarship from the Cantonment Rotary Club!  Can you believe it?  I applied for the scholarship because I didn’t think I had anything to lose, and in the worst case scenario I would get in some essay-writing practice.  Yesterday, Chef asked me to step into the kitchen office and to shut the door when he asked if I had heard the news.  “What news?”, I replied.  I noticed he was holding my essay folder and followed by saying that I would be the recipient of the Rotary Club scholarship.  I was speechless, and couldn’t believe it.   Chef could probably sense my feelings and said, “Oh, don’t cry on me now”.  WOW! was all I could think.  After a quick hug, he asked me to have some words prepared to say to the club on Wednesday and I went back to work, filled with glee.

The school dining room is booked out tomorrow by the rotary club (I suppose they booked it to award whomever would receive their scholarship) and I am the kitchen manager, too.  I will be serving a Caribbean/South American menu which I fully created and will be managing an entire kitchen staff as well.  As manager, I am provided up to four seats in the dining room and my family will be there for the delicious meal AND for the award of the scholarship.  I so look forward to sharing with them the success I’ve found in the culinary program and am keeping mum on the scholarship as a surprise.  They’re going to get the best seats in the house and will get see me receive an award, which is thrilling to no end.  If anything could make tomorrow better, it would be the presence of all the people I love and hold dear to my heart, although they will be with me in spirit.